ACTual Theatre of the Oppressed Troupe

(By Any Plays Necessary)

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PFCC’s Troupe is made up of 11 Bay Area based Theatre of the Oppressed practitioners who have joined together to support campaigns, organizations and movements with creative direct action, direct assessments and direct dialogue about the most critical issues of our time. We use a broad spectrum of Theatre of the Oppressed tools including Forum Theatre, Legislative Theatre, Image Theatre and Invisible Theatre.

Our primary goals are to:

  • Impact public discourse, legislation and campaigns.
  • Go deep and build with a smaller group of people as partners of Partners for Collaborative Change
  • Continue to grow and evolve our own transformative practice as Jokers (Theatre of the Oppressed Facilitators)

Forum theatre, our primary tool, is essentially a short play that dramatizes a real situation, with a terribly oppressive ending. After an initial performance, it is shown again, however this time the spectators become spect-actors and can at any point yell “freeze” and step on stage to replace the protagonist and guide the scene towards a better direction. Theatre becomes rehearsal for action.

“We Are Gathered Here Today; A Forum Play for Black Lives”

Our current project is an interactive play about police picnics, racial profiling, gentrification, media and incarceration as a driver of our economy. Most of the play takes place at a park in Oakland where a police BBQ and a vigil for a young Black man recently gunned down by the police are happening side by side. Audience members are invited to intervene in the play to transform whats happening. We then collectively unpack the generated ideas and design strategies for change.

For more about TO, visit our Resource Page.

We are here to work with you! Contact us to:

  • Bring “We Are Gathered Here Today” Forum performance workshop to your school, event or organization.
  • Support your action or campaign with an original forum or image piece.
  • Participate in a workshop or training for trainers in Theatre of the Oppressed.


Individual Performances & Plays:

“P.A.N.K. (Professional Aunt No Kids) Manifesto” written and performed at the Marsh Theater, with Dave Dennison’s Improv and Writing. March 2012.

Actor, Vagina Monologues at California Institute of Integral Studies. May 2007.

Writer & performer “Nation in Relation” theater piece exploring the United States’ “relationship dynamics” with other nation-states, performed for California Institute of Integral Studies students and faculty. May 2007.

Writer & performer “Psychologizing the Nation-State” theater piece portraying the United States in a psychotherapy/transpersonal counseling session to work out his issues, performed for CIIS students and faculty. May 2006.

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