Workshops, presentations, facilitated dialogue and guest lectures on: critical media literacy, representations of gender, race, sexuality, militarism and consumerism, representations of the Middle East, creative subversion of stereotypes in a time of war, analysis of narrative power, understanding and challenging privilege systems, and modern monsters in popular culture (with a focus on zombies). 2006-present.

Collaborations have included: SF State, UC Berkeley, Sonoma State, Mills College, Palo Alto University, Laney College, New College (RIP), Lick-Wilmerding, SF Day School, Creative Arts Charter School, Oakland Center for Spiritual Living, Meridian University, The Psychotherapy Institute, California Institute of Integral Studies

I’m passionate about forms of creative facilitation to cultivate critical thinking skills, challenge unexamined biases, inspire artistic reflection, and build alliances across differences.

Facilitation techniques may include and combine: collective media analysis, image theater (and other forms from Theatre of the Oppressed that can help us think with our hearts and bodies in different ways), community-based inquiry, mindfulness practices, visual/poetic/somatic creative process, structured dialogue, story-telling, active listening practices that support the creation of spaces where diverse expression can arise from deeper, unexpected places.

Co-founder and popular education facilitator with Partners for Collaborative Change, formerly Practicing Freedom: Collaboratively Generating Community & Youth-led Solutions. 2012-present.

PFCC offers tools to organizations, schools and companies in collaborative, participatory and democratic processes with a focus on generating community-led solutions and strengthening the intra-connections between people. These tools include team facilitation, Participatory Action Research, Popular Education, Theater of the Oppressed, and Creative Artstorming.

Co-founder of the White Noise Collective, offering workshops, curriculum, dialogue sessions that examine dimensions of the intersections of race privilege and gender oppression. 2009-present.

Facilitator with Saturday Dialogues, a ongoing forum for dialogue, education, and skill-building for white racial justice activists. 2008-2010.

Projective group dreamwork circles, facilitator. 2003-present.

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