Guest producer on City Visions KALW

Anchorwoman, interviewer, producer of news segments for Newsroom on Access SF. 2008-2009.

  • World Views on the U.S. Elections October 2008
    •    Interviews on Middle East foreign policy differences between presidential candidates, implications, Islamophobia and media activism in a time of war
  • Latin America Foreign Policy Shifts Under Obama May 2009
    •    Interviews on Colombia foreign policy, the War on Drugs, community-based nonviolent resistance
  • Interview with Malalai Joya, activist, writer, former member of the Afghan Parliament 2009

Producer of alternative current events program 4D: Antidote to the Corporate Media. 2004-2007. Aired on public access television in San Francisco, South Bay and East Bay, and for classroom use.

All shows:
4D: S.O.I.L. (Sustainable Organic Integrated Livelihoods): Sowing Seeds of Change in Rural Haiti
•    Documentation of ecological composting project.
4D: Oil Consumption
•    A reflection on the history of US oil consumption and its social and environmental impact. 4D: Haiti
•    A look at current events in Haiti.
4D: Palestine
•    A critical focus on perspectives that are absent in the mainstream US media.
4D: Corporate Accountability
•    A focus on three case studies of corporate crime and people’s movements for social and environmental justice.
4D: Seeking Democracy
•    Citizens’ reflections on the state of our democracy in light of the upcoming presidential election.
4D: GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms)
•    Inquiry into control of the global food supply and food sovereignty movements.
4D: Haiti
•    A look into the history of U.S. involvement in Haiti.
4D: The Prison Industry
•    An examination of prisons as an industry and an institution in our society.
4D: The War on Sex
•    In support of the historical reproductive rights march on Washington, an exploration of current issues surrounding reproductive rights and abstinence-only programs.
4D: Corporate Ownership of the Media
•    An investigation of corporate-owned media dominance.
4D: Nonviolence in Islam
•    Addressing Islamophobic stereotypes in the U.S. media, and unknown histories of nonviolent Islamic resistance.


WAVE (Western Association for Video Excellence) Award: Winner for Informational Category/Non-pro, 2007.

  • 4D: O.I.L. Sowing the Seeds of Change in Rural Haiti

WAVE Award: Informational category/Non-pro, 2006.

Second Place, Palo Alto’s Greenlight Earthday Film Festival 2006.

  • 4D: Oil Consumption

WAVE Award: Community Events/Non-Pro, 2005.

  • 4D: Palestine

WAVE Award: Informational/Non-Pro 2005.

  • 4D: Corporate Accountability

Honorable Mention, Earthvision International Environmental Film & Video Festival, 2004

Honorable Mention, Hometown National Video Festival, 2005.

  • 4D: GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms)

WAVE Award: Community News/Non-pro, 2004.

  • 4D: The Prison Industry

Collaboration with Alternate Focus, a broadcasting organization that works to show “the other side of the story” of Middle East issues 2005

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